Plan Christmas Break Plastic Surgeries Now!

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Plan Your Christmas Break Plastic SurgerySummer is quickly drawing to a close. With Labor Day festivities behind us and school beginning again, many of us are settling into our school year routines. For many of our Las Vegas area patients that means planning for plastic surgery procedures over Christmas break. If you are thinking about scheduling your surgery during the winter holidays, call Dr. Hayley Brown today at  702-260-7707. Winter break dates are filling up!

Winter is the perfect time for surgery for many of our patients. Over winter break, scheduling obligations are lessened for parents when their children are out of school. It is often an easier time to arrange for childcare from visiting family while you recover. It is also a time of year that longer vacations from work are expected. You can more discreetly ask for vacation time without telling anyone that you are undergoing surgery and require time off for recovery.

Winter surgeries allow body contouring patients to recover while concealed under the bulkier clothes of winter and reveal their new bikini-ready body in time for spring.

Would you like to schedule your plastic surgery procedure over the winter holidays? Call today at 702-260-7707 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hayley Brown. We welcome patients from Henderson, Las Vegas, and throughout the nation.