RHA Fillers

RHA, short for resilient hyaluronic acid, is a filler that has been widely used since 2015 where it initially became popular in Europe. It is manufactured in the United States by Revance Aesthetics, who are also the makers of Daxxify, the longer-acting Botox. 

RHA fillers are similar to other hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm but is formulated to be even more natural in that it has stretch components and elasticity so it is better able to move and adapt to facial movement. In this way, it is less rigid with facial animation and becomes less perceptible and more natural with more superficial placement. Longevity is similar to the other hyaluronic acid fillers with many patients reporting 1 year of longevity.


There are 4 products available in the RHA line, each product specifically formulated for area being treated and the depth of treatment.

RHA Redensity is a perfect skin smoothing hydrator. It intended for superficial placement to hydrate the skin, rather than providing bulk or volume. It is great for superficial lines or skin textural irregularities. 

RHA 2 is one of my favorites, it provides a very natural softening to moderate depth wrinkles and volume deficits and always looks and feels natural. It provides a beautiful and natural lip augmentation. 

RHA 3 is a slightly bulkier formulation that works best for moderate to severe folds or wrinkles. It works great for deep nasolabial creases, marionette folds or to enhance the jawline or cheeks. 

RHA 4 provides the most volume per syringe. It works great for chin or jawline augmentation and also for cheeks.

A combination of these products is usually used during the treatment to target various treatment areas and to layer the correction from deeper skin levels to more superficial skin levels. Results always look natural, elegant and refined.

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