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Medical Terms: Coronal Lift, Endoscopic Brow Lift

Woman with smooth brow after endoscopic forehead lift in Las VegasBrow lift surgery is a procedure often overlooked by individuals when they visit Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center seeking facial rejuvenation procedures. They often complain of tired looking eyes and extra skin on the upper eyelids, yet fail to recognize that the main issue is gravitational descent of the forehead and eyebrows.

A brow lift remarkably rejuvenates the entire face by naturally elevating the upper third of the face and directly counteracting the gravitational forces that contribute to an aged and tired look. In addition, forehead lines and furrows tend to make an individual look angry, and the smoothing effect of a brow lift can change your look from tired and unapproachable to pleasant, relaxed, and inviting.

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Brow Lift Techniques

Dr. Brown prefers a minimally invasive approach to forehead lifting, also termed "Endoscopic Brow Lift." With this technique, several small access incisions are made in the hair-bearing scalp, and special instruments are used to release and elevate the brows while smoothing forehead lines and furrows in a natural manner.

The outcome is never overdone, as a "surprised-look" is unacceptable. Dr. Brown loves the simplicity of the procedure, yet the powerful rejuvenating effect that it provides, even effecting improvements over the cheek down to the jaw line in many individuals. The result is a youthful, well-rested, and refreshed version of you, without any stigmata of cosmetic surgery.

This procedure typically costs $5,600 at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. We know that cost may be a big factor in your decision. This investment in your facial rejuvenation is lasting, and we offer the option of financing plans for qualified applicants.

Who Is a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

  • Men and women of any age who have deep furrows or frown lines due to stress or muscle activity
  • Individuals with inherited conditions such as a heavy brow, naturally low eyebrows, or furrowed lines above the nose
  • Patients desiring facial rejuvenation
  • Individuals who have experienced eyebrow descent, and have apparent fullness and excess skin of the upper eyelids
  • Women desiring a youthful and attractive laterally arched eyebrow, desiring eyebrow shape changes or improvements in eyebrow asymmetry
  • Men and women who have experienced eyebrow descent from aging, gravity, or genetics
  • Patients with thicker hair and shorter forehead heights are better candidates than those with thinner hair and longer forehead heights. Thinning hair affects both men and women, yet the benefits of brow lift surgery usually outweigh the concern about small scars within the hair-bearing scalp. In balding men, visibility of the access scars is an issue, and alternative treatments are usually considered. 
  • Patients with thicker, heavier forehead tissues and brows may have more subtle results than those with thinner tissues
  • Individuals seeking periorbital rejuvenation, softening of crows feet, and as a complimentary procedure to eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery
  • To improve visual field in patients where sagging eyelids and brows obscure upper peripheral vision

Woman reclining on a sofa after brow lift in Henderson NVGoal of Brow Lift Surgery:

  • A more youthful and rested appearance to the forehead and upper eyelids
  • In women, brow position should ideally be above the bony upper orbital rim with a higher lateral brow arch; men look better with eyebrows at the level of the bony orbital rim and horizontally oriented
  • A smoothing effect to the forehead and frown lines. Do not expect complete wrinkle eradication
  • Improvements in eyebrow asymmetries; perfect symmetry is not realistic
  • Preservation of anterior hairline
  • Longevity of results
  • Naturalness
  • Exchange of angry, tired expression to a relaxed, vibrant, well-rested, youthful glow
  • Elevation of upper third of face. In conjunction with facelift or neck lift surgery, this provides harmony and balance to the entire face

Brow Lift Procedure Description:

  • The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Hair is parted and not shaved or trimmed. Preservation of hair follicles is essential. Patients who chemically treat or dye their hair should do so right before the procedure. Efficient endoscopic technique is preferred because it minimizes incision lengths leading to less pain and decreased potential for hair loss. Anterior hairline height is subsequently preserved in this minimally invasive approach. This procedure has less risk and a quick recovery compared to "Coronal Brow Lift," where large incisions are made in the scalp, and a strip of hair bearing scalp is actually removed
  • A total of 5 access incisions of 1.5 cm are made within the hair-bearing scalp. Special instruments and a camera are utilized to visualize the deeper forehead tissues at the level of the eyebrows. Blunt spreading motions at this level (no cutting) are used to release areas of adherence, and the brows naturally set back. Muscles which give rise to frowning are weakened by blunt spreading of these muscle fibers
  • Maximal brow elevation is desired at the time of surgery, as some expected relaxation will occur within weeks after the procedure. Brow elevation is never overdone, and always looks natural
  • The elevated eyebrows are maintained in position by the placement of temporary hardware at two of the scalp incisions. Skin staples close the incisions. Staples are removed in the office at one week and all hardware is completely removed at 3 weeks in the office with no discomfort

Postoperative Course:

  • Bandages are usually removed on the first or second day after surgery. Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. It is helpful to keep your head elevated for the first week following surgery to minimize bruising and swelling.  Bruising and swelling will descend onto the lower lids and cheeks from gravity and may be maximal on post-operative day three. Avoid bending over, lifting, or straining
  • Showering and washing your hair is allowed 24-48 hours after surgery. Avoid heat styling aids near the scalp
  • Maintain ocular moisture with artificial tears and prescribed ophthalmic ointment as your eyes will be more open than they have in some time. Mild eye dryness and tightness is common for the first 1-2 weeks
  • Most patients are up and about within the first day or two. Most return to work in 7 days.
  • Staples and hardware are removed in the office over 1-3 weeks.
  • Avoid chemically treating the hair for 4 weeks after the procedure
  • Temporary sensation changes may affect the forehead and scalp initially and resolve with time
  • Expect relaxation and settling of eyebrow position over about 6 weeks
  • No exercise for 2-3 weeks, then very gradual resumption as tolerated. Regular light walking is encouraged immediately after surgery

Other Options:

  • Upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery (eyelid skin removal with or without underlying fatty tissue) is commonly performed at the same time, for optimal periorbital rejuvenation. The addition of eyelid surgery does not add to recovery time
  • Facelift and neck lift surgery elevates the lower 2/3 of the facial skin and tissues. In combination with brow lift, which elevates the upper 1/3 of the face, a comprehensive, uniform, and natural-looking facial rejuvenation is achieved to look years younger

Endoscopic brow lift surgery is a simple, straightforward, minimally invasive procedure which dramatically improves your image, but in a very natural and subtle way. Dr. Brown is an expert in endoscopic brow lift surgery, and has 15 years experience utilizing this technique to achieve beautiful results in individuals of various ages. When it comes to your face, Dr. Brown feels it is important to maintain a natural, youthful look and avoid appearances that are characteristic of a surgical intervention.

How Long Do Results Last?

Because patients continue to age, experience gravitational effects, and have weight fluctuations, there is no such thing as permanent results. Individuals with shorter forehead heights, thinner tissues, fine to moderate depth wrinkles, and less sebaceous skin may have better short-term and long-term results. Patients with thicker skin, heavy brows, deep furrows, and overactive thick forehead muscles may have more subtle results after surgery, and could experience recurrent eyebrow descent from gravity.

Many additional factors affect the longevity of the result. These include patient lifestyle, overall health, skin care regimen, philosophy of sun-exposure, smoking history, inherent skin tone and elasticity, environment, diet, exercise, and maintenance regimen. Injectables such as BOTOX® Cosmetic done a few times per year may enhance and maintain your results. Results can last 10 years or more, with individual variability depending on the influence of the factors mentioned.

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