Chin Augmentation

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Medical Term: Genioplasty or Mentoplasty

Las Vegas Chin Augmentation | Desert Hills Plastic Surgery CenterA well-defined jaw line is an attractive attribute. Men and women are naturally drawn to faces that are balanced, well proportioned, and have a high degree of facial symmetry.

Men with recessive chins complain of looking less masculine. Both men and women with recessive chins complain of a "double-chin" or looking heavy, or older than their stated age. Others have a short or narrow lower third of the face and desire more balance and harmony with their facial features and profile. Some patients have had long-term issues with bite problems or developmental issues affecting their facial bones. If the issue is purely cosmetic in nature, chin augmentation is highly effective in increasing chin projection and/or width if desired to provide balance to facial features.

If you're unhappy with the effect your chin has on the aesthetic of your face, please call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center at (702) 260-7707 today for more information about chin augmentation. Dr. Hayley Brown welcomes patients throughout the Las Vegas area.

Chin Augmentation Options

Dr. Brown performs chin augmentation both with injectables and with silicone facial implants. Injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse can be used under the chin pad to increase projection, or along the jaw line or pre-jowl area to widen or define the jaw line. Results are subtle, natural, and non-permanent.

Facial implants can also be used to sculpt a patient’s face more visibly than injectables alone. Dr. Brown uses implants that are biocompatible, permanent, non-migrating, and look and feel like natural bone structure. There are various sizes and shapes of implants that are chosen to match your facial characteristics and desired goals, while maintaining naturalness. Depending on the region augmented, you can create a stronger and/or wider chin, and even lengthen your face.

A more masculine look is desired in men, while women need to look refined and feminine, yet with a well-developed bone structure. Dr. Brown will analyze your facial features, including the lips, chin height and width, chin pad thickness, chin crease, forehead and nose projection, and bite, to determine the most appropriate size and shape of implant for you. Patients who undergo chin augmentation report increased confidence and self-esteem as a result of a more attractive, fit, and youthful look.

Who Is a Candidate?

  • A person whose chin is recessive, poorly projecting, narrow or small, relative to other facial proportions such as the nose and forehead
  • Individuals with a double chin, jowls, or heavy neck who desire improved jaw line and neck contour
  • Patients with narrow chins desiring more width to the jaw bone
  • Individuals with short vertical height of the lower third of the face, desiring more balanced facial proportions
  • Men wanting to look more masculine
  • Individuals looking to enhance their profile, to balance a larger nose, or improve upon the appearance of a fleshy neck
  • Patients with normally functioning teeth and jaw development

When considering aesthetic chin surgery with a chin implant, you should be aware that certain patients are better served with other surgical approaches. If you have a severely weak chin or abnormally functioning jaw, mandibular advancement surgery using your own jawbone may be more appropriate. In these instances, when correcting an abnormal bite, the jawbone is actually moved forward, restoring a normal bite and augmenting the chin without the presence of an implant. Although these procedures involve cutting the bone of your jaw, and have a longer recovery than chin surgery with chin implants, they can achieve results not attainable with implants alone. These types of procedures are performed by oral-maxillofacial surgeons in our community.

Procedure Description:

  • The procedure is done as an outpatient under general anesthesia
  • An incision is made under the chin. Dr. Brown prefers this approach to the "intra-oral" approach because the implant is positioned more precisely with less muscle disruption, less implant mobility, and less potential risk for bacterial contamination of the implant
  • A pocket is designed to accommodate the implant directly over the bone along the lower jaw, augmenting the dimensions of your jaw.  The chin implant is secured in place by designing a precise and well-fitting pocket (similar to a breast implant)
  • Sizers may be used to determine the most appropriate size and shape of the implant required to improve a patient’s appearance
  • The incision is closed with sutures
  • Tape is often applied to the skin to assist in holding the implant in place during the normal swelling after surgery.

Postoperative Course:

  • There is mild to moderate swelling of the chin that resolves in about 5 days. Keep your head elevated in bed for the first week
  • Tape is used to bandage the chin for 1-3 days
  • Stay on soft foods for the first several days after surgery
  • Oral pain medicine is prescribed as needed, but pain is typically mild
  • Most patients return to normal activity within a few days, but strenuous activity, aerobic activity, or heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks. Most patients take one week off of work
  • Sutures are removed in one week
  • The scar fades with time and is usually not visible with social encounters

Other Options:

  • Chin and neck liposuction may be performed at the same time and through the same access incision to decrease fatty deposits and improve results
  • Chin augmentation is also commonly performed in conjunction with facial rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift, neck lift, or with rhinoplasty surgery
  • Kybella  is a non surgical injectable procedure used to reduce small fatty deposits associated with a double chin

Chin augmentation is a popular procedure that brings balance to facial proportions by way of correcting a weak chin and providing structure to the lower third of the face. It is a relatively easy operation with very little discomfort and downtime while producing noticeable changes in the silhouette of the face.

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