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Facial Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas Dr. Hayley Brown | NevadaOur facial rejuvenation procedures restore classic beauty and greatly enhance self-esteem. As we age there are certain patterns of change that are commonly seen in our faces. These changes occur mainly as a result of the decreasing elasticity of skin, the sagging of tissues, and the loss of facial volume in the form of fat.  

Genetics have a major influence on this process along with one's habits. For instance, heavy sun exposure and smoking have a strong detrimental effect and hasten the process significantly.

Although no one can stop the aging process, Dr. Hayley Brown provides several options for rejuvenation of the aging face, including:

Dr. Brown is one of the few cosmetic surgeons in Henderson who specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures that create natural looking, "non-operated on" results.

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Options for enhancing facial rejuvenation include a neck lift and neck contouring with liposuction. Improvements in results can be obtained with injectable soft tissue fillers to add volume in areas of deficiency, and BOTOX® Cosmetic so that results are much longer lasting. Skin care is also important to improve and maintain results. A natural looking result is key after a facial procedure.

The goal is a well-rested, youthful version of yourself. Dr. Brown focuses on concealment of incisions with preservation of normal hairlines and adjacent structures so that there is no stigma of surgery. The ideal outcome is achieved when you have a dramatic and long-lasting natural result, and it doesn’t look like you’ve had surgery.

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"I honestly could not recommend Dr. Brown and her team more and am so happy I decided to go to her! She is phenomenal and I am so obsessed with my results! Her office staff is amazing and so nice as well! I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me and helped me with! Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center is definitely the place to go to!"

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