Breast Enhancement

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Las Vegas Breast Enhancement SurgeryWomen choose to undergo breast enhancement surgery for various reasons. Most commonly, women experience appearance changes affecting their breasts from normal aging, gravity, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and breast feeding. In addition, many women perceive themselves to be small breasted, and want a larger, fuller breast and shapely figure. There are also many women with asymmetries in breast shape and size, genetically pointy, saggy, or tuberous breasts, that significantly benefit from breast contouring. Other individuals have breasts that are too large or pendulous, and they interfere with clothing choices, exercise, and can often result in symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain or even shoulder grooving from bra straps.

With so many breast enhancement options to choose from, it's important to speak with experienced professionals who can discuss which procedure is right for you. Please call 702-260-7707 to arrange a consultation with Las Vegas Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown today.

Types of Breast Enhancement

There are various techniques and options to improve the appearance and contour the breasts. Breast enhancement is a rapidly growing area of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Brown offers the following breast procedures to Las Vegas area patients:

About Las Vegas Breast Surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown

Dr. Hayley Brown is a Board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast. She is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Membership in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is by invitation only and is limited to ABPS-certified surgeons who demonstrate wide experience in the major aesthetic surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, saline and silicone breast implants, breast lift (Mastopexy), augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with implants), and breast reduction.

Dr. Brown is passionate about her work, and committed to providing expert care, focusing on patient safety while delivering the best possible cosmetic outcome. She believes:

"It is not all about achieving a patient’s short term aesthetic goals – long-term stability in surgical results is also a priority."

Dr. Brown’s Patient Discusses Her Breast Surgery

If you have questions about breast surgery, please contact Dr. Hayley Brown at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center online or by calling 702-260-7707. Dr. Brown serves patients from Henderson and surrounding areas in Las Vegas, Nevada.