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Are you unhappy with a weak chin? In Henderson, Dr. Hayley Brown provides non-surgical chin augmentation. Using dermal fillers, Dr. Brown can enhance and sculpt the chin and jaw line, creating the facial contour you desire. To learn more, please call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center at 702-260-7707.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation at our practice is a non-surgical treatment. There are many benefits to the non-surgical version, including:

  • Minimal downtime
  • No anesthesia or incisions
  • Results are immediate
  • Results are completely reversible
  • Results are temporary
  • Injectables can be sculpted and injected strategically, unlike a pre-molded implant

The only way to know if chin enhancement will be advantageous for you is to visit Dr. Brown for a consultation. After examining your facial structure and facial features, she can determine if this treatment can accomplish the results you want to see.

Generally, candidates for chin augmentation want to address one or more of the following:

  • Recessed or weak chin
  • Poor chin projection
  • Narrow or weak jaw line
  • A nose, neck, double chin or other feature that is out of proportion with the jaw and chin

A weak chin can be a source of dissatisfaction for both men and women. A more masculine look is desired in men, while women need to look refined and feminine, yet with a well-developed bone structure. Dr. Brown will analyze your facial features, including the lips, chin height and width, chin pad thickness, chin crease, forehead and nose projection. Patients who undergo chin augmentation report increased confidence and self-esteem as a result of a more attractive, fit and youthful look.

Not only does a defined facial contour tend to be associated with beauty and attractiveness, but a strong chin and jaw can bring other facial features into proportion. A large nose, a double chin and other features look more harmonious when a weak chin is augmented.

How Dr. Brown Performs Chin Augmentation

Dr. Brown uses hyaluronic acid fillers for this purpose. Examples include Juvederm® and RHA. HA, or hyaluronic acid, is a substance that also occurs naturally in the cells of your body, especially in your skin. It binds with water molecules and maintains youthful moisture in your skin cells, while HA depletion and moisture loss is associated with the aging process. HA-based injectables restore youthfully smooth, plump skin and volume.

Injections of the selected HA filler can be used under the chin pad to increase projection, or along the jaw line or pre-jowl area to widen or define the jaw line. Results are subtle, natural, and non-permanent. Small changes can be made to the specific areas needing augmentation, so this method can be very closely tailored to what you want to achieve.

There may be swelling, redness and bruising after the injections, but they should subside in the days following your appointment. Most people are comfortable returning to work and their normal routine right away. Depending on the exact injectable you and Dr. Brown choose, the results may last 6-24 months or longer. They will eventually begin to vanish, at which point you can decide whether to touch up your results.

As for cost, chin augmentation is $800 per syringe at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. If you wish, we can describe options to apply for financing.

Benefits of Non Surgical ching augmentation copy

Juvederm or RHA For Chin Augmentation

Juvederm and RHA are all dermal filler collections made with hyaluronic acid. Within these collections, you’ll find several products that are perfect for chin augmentation.

For example, Juvederm Voluma XC is designed to augment the chin and improve the chin profile through deep injections. It provides flattering definition and shape.

RHA or "resilient hyaluronic acid" comes in various formulations, depending on the area and depth to be treated. Redensity is for fine lines and very superficial placement, followed by RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4. RHA 4 provides the most volume per syringe and is best for chin augmentation.

The right choice for you will depend on your facial characteristics and treatment goals. Schedule a consultation to find your ideal filler for chin augmentation. Keep in mind that selecting a skilled injector to perform your treatment will impact your final look as much as the type of filler used.

When Will I See Results After Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation?

The great thing about non-surgical chin augmentation using fillers is that it provides instant results. It immediately adds volume beneath the skin to define your weak chin, fill in wrinkles, balance your facial features, and even smooth out an unwanted cleft.

You can expect to see more volume right after your treatment due to swelling. It may take a few weeks for the swelling to completely subside. When it does, your final results will be visible.  

Can I Achieve Best Results In Just One Appointment?

You can achieve great results from chin augmentation in one appointment. If you are new to chin injections, you can also take things slow and schedule multiple visits to our practice.

You may decide to add some volume to your chin and then come back for more. The good news is that your results can easily be tweaked or touched up as you go. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers can even be reversed on the off chance that you don’t love your new look.

Keep in mind that fillers aren’t permanent. You’ll need follow-up injections to maintain the best results.

How Long Will Chin Filler Last?

Hyaluronic acid-based chin fillers like Juvederm and RHA can last up to a year. Your mileage may vary depending on your habits and the rate at which your body metabolizes the product. Unfortunately, you can’t do much to control the latter.

Some self-care tips to extend the life of your chin filler include:

  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure
  • Take care of your skin
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Manage your stress
  • Schedule repeat treatments

Is Chin Augmentation With Fillers Safe?

Chin fillers are generally quite safe and have a very low risk of side effects. The most common side effects are temporary swelling and bruising. Your risk of experiencing anything more serious can be minimized by visiting a trained injector who uses the proper technique.

Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

The ideal candidates for chin augmentation are those who are looking to achieve a more proportional appearance to the face, define their jawline, or project the appearance of their chin. These candidates should be in overall good health and not suffer from any ongoing medical conditions or infections. Because our chin augmentation procedure involves the use of injectables, it’s important that patients are not allergic to the materials our injectables are made of. Candidates for this procedure should be at least 18 years old and not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Although a chin augmentation can help improve the appearance of the face and jawline, it can change the overall structure of your face. Because of this, iit is essential to keep in mind the need to have realistic expectations when it comes to the results of your chin augmentation. Candidates who can be realistic about their results and overall aesthetic goals will benefit the most from this procedure.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects that Come with Chin Augmentation?

While the injectables we use for chin augmentation are FDA-approved, there are still a few side effects and risks this procedure comes with. Immediately after the procedure, patients may still experience redness, swelling, tenderness, or soreness in the treated area. These side effects are very common and typically subside within a few hours to a day after your treatment.

In severe cases, some risks from chin augmentations can include bleeding, non-stop swelling, infection, burning, prickling, bumpy skin appearance, allergic reaction, and filler migration. These complications can arise due to poor care, neglecting aftercare during the recovery period, and improper technique during the procedure. However, under the care of Dr. Hayley Brown, who prioritizes patient safety and comfort during each treatment, your chin augmentation procedure is designed to go smoothly. As long as Dr. Brown’s guidelines are followed, these side effects and complications can be easily avoided.

Can I Combine Chin Augmentation with Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Yes! You may combine chin augmentation with other cosmetic procedures, especially if the other procedures you are interested in are for injectables in a different part of the face or body. Combining your chin augmentation with another treatment may increase your recovery time. However, downtime for injectable treatments is minimal as it is, and many patients find it beneficial to heal from multiple procedures all at once. Not only does combing procedures make the healing process more straightforward, but it can also help you achieve your overall desired look in just one appointment rather than multiple.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Brown can recommend which other procedures can help you achieve your goals as well as enhance the results of your chin augmentation at the same time.

Your Consultation In Henderson

To find out if you are a good candidate for non-surgical chin augmentation, please call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center, at  702-260-7707, to arrange a consultation with Dr. Brown. We are located in Henderson, NV, and proudly serve people from across Las Vegas and the rest of the state.

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