Easy Ways to Make Your Hands Look Younger

Are you giving your hands the attention that they deserve? If not, they might show discoloration, volume loss, prominent veins, and other cosmetic issues that reveal your age. Here are some simple and effective ways to turn back time — without surgery!

Treat Discoloration with Skin Resurfacing 

One telltale sign of aging is discoloration. Over the years, your once even skin tone will likely give way to issues such as brown spots, red spots, and broken capillaries. If you want to achieve a brighter and more uniform look, skin resurfacing treatments are a great option.

Light chemical peels are one popular type of skin resurfacing. These exfoliating formulas remove the top layers of the skin and encourage more even pigmentation. Laser treatments, on the other hand, can target unwanted discoloration and break it up. 

Consider Fillers to Restore Lost Volume 

Youthful hands are plump in all the right places. It’s what makes tendons and veins hard to spot. Meanwhile, volume loss to the back of the hands has the opposite effect.

Restoring lost volume will give your hands a smoother appearance. We recommend the popular dermal filler Radiesse. Not only does it provide an immediate improvement, but it also stimulates collagen production for long-lasting results. 

Eliminate Visible Veins with Sclerotherapy 

Bulging veins are another age-related concern that can affect your hands. You may not like the way that they protrude and stick out. In that case, consider sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective way to close off the visible veins that you don’t need.

Apply Sunscreen to Prevent Premature Aging 

Most people save skincare for their face. However, anti-aging products work great on the hands as well. Don’t skip that area the next time you apply SPF. It will help prevent premature aging caused by UV rays. Products that contain retinol or vitamin C are smart picks too.

Schedule a Hand Rejuvenation Consultation in Las Vegas 

Do you want to age gracefully from head to toe? Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center has the products and treatments that you need. 

Call 702-260-7707 to discuss your hand rejuvenation options with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown. Our practice proudly serves Las Vegas, Henderson, and nearby areas of Nevada.

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