Are You a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty eye surgery, is one option to look younger and less tired. It can be performed on the upper lids to remove excess skin and the lower lids to correct puffiness.

Many patients are good candidates for upper eyelid surgery. However, lower eyelid surgery is a completely different situation. From facial anatomy to genetics, here are the factors at play.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Candidates

An upper blepharoplasty could be a good match if you want to treat excess skin on your upper eyelid. Hanging skin can make your eyes look hooded or droopy and interfere with makeup application. In some cases, it can even obscure vision.

It is also possible to remove excess fat that causes fullness. Keep in mind youthful eyelids are full, so the trend is toward skin-only upper lid surgery. Otherwise, the area can look hollow with age.

Of course, you cannot overlook your eyebrows when considering this procedure. Sometimes, low eyebrows can make it seem like there is extra skin on the upper eyelid when, in fact, the eyebrows are causing the issue. In this case, endoscopic brow lifting and upper eyelid surgery are usually done together to create the most attractive, balanced, and well-rested look.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Candidates

Your facial anatomy ultimately determines your candidacy for lower eyelid surgery. This procedure involves taking out extra skin and fat from the lower lid, which is a delicate structure. The best candidates have a high and tight lower lid determined by appearance and an exam.

Be aware that lower eyelid surgery does not always improve puffy lower eyelids. Often, this issue is not caused by extra skin and fat. Common culprits include genetics and aging. In those situations, this procedure could accentuate lower eyelid puffiness and hollowing.

Dark circles can also be difficult to treat with lower blepharoplasty. Surgery will not improve hyperpigmentation or color issues. And if you don’t have the right anatomy, surgery can actually make your cosmetic concerns look worse. In that case, using concealer to brighten your dark circles may be the safest bet.

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