February 2015

Under or Over the Muscle

The submuscular position is also known as subpectoral or under the muscle placement. Dr. Brown always prefers this pocket choice for most patients who undergo augmentation mastopexy surgery.  The implants are generally placed in the submuscular pocket, and the breast tissue is elevated and tightened over the new breast mound. This pocket is advantageous as […]

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Tubular Breast Deformity Las Vegas

Characteristics of tubular breast deformity include various degrees of asymmetry, enlarged and protuberant areola, wide cleavage, and high, tight, and ill-defined lower breast poles with a paucity of peripheral breast tissue. Other names for tuberous breast deformity include herniated areola complex, snoopy deformity, tubular breast, constricted breast, lower pole hypoplasia, and narrow based breast. The

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Breast Implant Manufacturers and iImplant Warranties

Three companies manufacture breast implants in the United States: All 3 breast implant companies offer 2 lifetime replacement implants in any size for a confirmed ruptured implant. Financial assistance varies between $1200-$3600 if the rupture occurs within 10 years from the date of implantation. Sientra and Mentor also offer a warranty for capsular contracture, or

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Breast Implant Shapes, Round or Anatomical (teardrop shaped)?

There are 2 basic shapes of breast implants to choose from: round or anatomical.  Anatomical implants are also called teardrop shaped implants, contoured implants, or shaped implants and they have textured surfaces. They are meant to mimic the slope of a natural breast. Ironically, round implants have the most natural looking shape in all body

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Textured vs. Smooth Implants?

To understand the pros and cons of textured versus smooth walled implants, you need to be familiar with a condition known as capsular contracture. When any type of foreign body or breast implant is inserted, the body reacts by forming a uniform protective lining around it. This is referred to as a capsule. It is normal

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants?

Both implants are widely used for breast augmentation and provide natural breast contouring with softness. From 1992-2005, silicone implants were banned due to unsubstantiated fear that they could cause cancer and other systemic diseases such as autoimmune illnesses. After extensive clinical trials and over 40 years of data accumulation in healthy women with breast implants,

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