Adding Fat? Is It the Right Plastic Surgery Option for You?

Most of us are constantly trying to reduce the fat on our bodies. We work out hard. We watch what we eat, and sometimes we turn to liposuction to spot reduce those stubborn fat pockets that we can’t get rid of any other way.

But one of the latest trends in plastic surgery involves injecting fat back into our bodies. You can use the fat taken out during liposuction to be injected strategically to give your face and your body the youthful plumpness and curves you want.

At Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center, we work with patients to find the right procedure to suit their needs. You may benefit from facial fat transfers, breast augmentation with fat transfer or a Brazilian butt lift. And if fat transfers are not right for you, we will guide you toward the right plastic surgery procedure to meet your aesthetic goals.

Liposuction First

No matter which area of the body or face you are looking to enhance with a fat injection, the first step is to harvest some of your own fat. While fat transfers have been available since liposuction became available in the 80s, the recent trend toward curvier figures has increased the demand for fat transfer procedures.

Liposuction is performed on areas of unwanted fat, such as your belly or thighs, which usually contain the best source of fat. This fat is suctioned out, cleansed, and prepared for injection.

In order to undergo any type of fat transfer procedure, you must have enough body fat to harvest. Thinner patients may not be good candidates for fat transfer for this reason. In consultation with Dr. Brown, you will discuss whether your body contains enough fat for a transfer.

Facial Fat Transfer

Over time, your face will naturally lose some of the plumpness of your youth. This can cause your face to look hollow or sagging. Many people attribute an aging face to loose skin that has lost its elasticity, when the truth may be that sagging is due to the loss of the underlying structure that used to support the skin. In that case a fat injection is one way to restore your youthful appearance.

Fat is the body’s own natural dermal filler. Dr. Brown can inject fat to address areas of volume loss or hollow looking areas of your face, although injections into your eyelids are not generally recommended.

Filler injections can also be combined with a facelift procedure so that your skin can be tightened and lifted along with enhancing the underlying structure of the face.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Fat grafting for breast augmentation is an alternative to the traditional silicone and saline breast implants available to enhance your bust line. The procedure requires multiple small injections to achieve the right look. It can be time consuming and expensive. It’s important to pick a plastic surgeon with a lot of experience to have the best chance for achieving the results you want.

Augmentation results with fat grafting vary greatly depending on the skill of your plastic surgeon and your body’s reabsorption of fat. Current studies are investigating the use of a vacuum suction device to allow for greater amounts of fat to be injected with fewer complications. This exciting technological development could provide much better results for fat grafting procedures with minimal fat necrosis.

Because of the risk of asymmetry in results and other complications that can arise from augmentation with fat injections, many women choose to undergo breast augmentation with implants, which is still more common.

During your consultation, Dr. Brown can help you decide whether fat grafting or implants is the best way to achieve the results you want for your breast augmentation.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock augmentation with fat injections is on the rise. In one year, from 2013 to 1014, the popularity of the procedure rose 15 percent. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez being admired for their curves, women are seeking ways to make their own figures more rounded and voluptuous.

The Brazilian butt lift is an excellent choice for many patients because it isn’t just about making the bottom larger. The procedure focuses on shaping and sculpting your contours to achieve a narrower waistline and a larger butt for a more hourglass figure.

In a Brazilian butt lift, the fat harvesting liposuction is performed strategically to contour the lower back and sacrum, which will enhance your curves in your final results. The harvested fat is prepared for injection and meticulously placed one small droplet at a time in order to build the buttocks into the desired shape.

An Art Form

Fat injection is an art form more than a science. You want to select an experienced plastic surgeon with the artistic eye for the human form and the skill necessary to give you satisfying results.

All fat injections procedures are subject to a certain amount of reabsorption by your body of the injected fat. Because of this, results can became asymmetrical and provide less volume than you had hoped for. You should be open to additional touch up procedures to maintain your results.

In addition, weight fluctuations can greatly influence the longevity and stability of your results. Gaining or losing significant weight after a fat injection procedure can make the fat grow or shrink with your gain or loss. You should be at a stable weight that you can maintain before undergoing a fat injection procedure.

Are you ready to explore the fat transfer options that can enhance your face and figure? We can help you determine your candidacy for any of the above procedures and provide alternative plastic surgery options that can meet your cosmetic goals if fat transfer is not an appropriate option for your body type and lifestyle.

Call Dr. Hayley Brown today at 702-260-7707 for your consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. We welcome patients from Henderson, Las Vegas, and throughout the nation.

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