Is a Brow Lift Better Than BOTOX® Cosmetic?

There are many different ways to reduce signs of aging on your forehead. Some of the most popular options for achieving a smoother and more youthful appearance include brow lift surgery and BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. Each one has benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Brow Lift Surgery

brow lift is a sophisticated procedure that raises and tightens the skin on your forehead. Also known as a forehead lift, this facial surgery is an ideal way to combat unwanted lines and wrinkles. It can also raise low eyebrows for a modest improvement in sagging upper eyelids.

The brow lift procedure offers more dramatic and long-lasting results than non-surgical alternatives. However, it is also more expensive and comes with a longer recovery period.

BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic is a well-known injectable treatment. It works by temporarily relaxing the muscles that are used to make certain facial expressions and contribute to lines and wrinkles. When administered in the upper third of your face, it can soften horizontal lines and reduce vertical creases between your eyebrows. BOTOX Cosmetic can also stop targeted muscles from pulling down on your eyebrows, giving you a more alert and refreshed appearance.

BOTOX Cosmetic is more affordable than surgery and requires little to no downtime after treatment. That said, the results are more subtle and typically fade after several months.

Find Your Perfect Match

Brow lift surgery and BOTOX Cosmetic are both useful for reversing visible aging and revealing your most vibrant self. In fact, they are regularly combined as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. After all, BOTOX Cosmetic can help refine and extend the results of facial plastic surgery.

So, how do you determine the best way to achieve a younger-looking forehead? Turn to a skilled provider who can evaluate your unique situation and offer personalized recommendations. Dr. Hayley Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon who understands that everyone has unique concerns and goals. She will gladly work with you to determine your ideal match.

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