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Millions of people have used BOTOX® Cosmetic since its FDA approval in 2002. The ability of this medication to relax wrinkles is remarkable. As someone who has used BOTOX® Cosmetic before or as a first-timer, you may be wondering about pricing. The fact is, a wide range of professionals can administer BOTOX® injections. You may have seen it offered at dental offices or the ophthalmologist, although we think you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, who has extensive, specialized training and experience in cosmetic treatments. Prices range widely as well.

When to Get BotoxYou will find a lot of advice online about when you should start getting Botox®, but the truth is that the right time for each patient is different for each patient. A variety of factors including skin color, sun exposure, and even family history (such as deep creases between the brows that tend to run in the family) play into the development of wrinkles on your face.