Why Your Hands Get Bony as You Age (And What to Do About It)

No one wants bony hands, but they are a natural part of aging. As collagen levels break down, skin becomes thinner, and tendons, veins, and joints become more visible. This process is known as skeletonization. Although they may be a normal part of life as you grow older, there are options to restore a youthful appearance to your hands through hand rejuvenation.

Your Hands Change as You Age

There are many telltale signs of aging visible on your hands — age spots, sun damage, discoloration, crepey skin, and noticeable veins and joints are all common. In fact, while many women focus on the features of their face, the hands can be the most obvious giveaway of one’s age.

Through natural fat loss and collagen breakdown, the hands appear thinner and bonier as a person ages. This can lead to an undesirable appearance that makes you feel self-conscious. Luckily, there are several plastic surgery options that can restore volume and a smooth texture to your hands.

Dermal Fillers and Fat Transfer Boost Fullness

By injecting dermal fillers into the back of the hand (dorsum area), patients can quickly achieve more voluminous, healthy-looking hands that look decades younger. Meanwhile, fat transfer involves extracting fat from the thighs or abdomen via liposuction, then depositing it into the dorsum. However, fat transfer is becoming a less favorable option as it has a greater risk of lumpiness, uneven texture, and compilations.

Instead, to infuse their hands with new volume, many patients opt for a hyaluronic acid filler like RADIESSE®. This is a great filler because in addition to providing fullness, it can also thicken the skin and further reduce unwanted signs of aging.

Lasers Can Remove Unwanted Spots, Blemishes, Veins, and Discoloration

Certain types of lasers are potent enough to smooth the skin’s surface without negatively impacting the function or appearance of the delicate skin on the hands. Your doctor will be able to discuss which types of hand rejuvenation is best for you depending on your age, concerns, and desired results.

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