Why You Need Hand Rejuvenation to Combat Signs of Aging

hand rejuvenation From wrinkles to gray hairs, aging affects all of us. Ointments, creams, masks, etc., there isn’t a shortage of products on shelves that aim to help slow down the signs of aging.

However, an often overlooked part of aging is our hands which can show age anywhere from wrinkles to sunspots. Hand rejuvenation treatments can restore a youthful appearance to your hands. Today, let’s take a look at how hands change with age and and how hand rejuvenation treatments may help revitalize yours.

Typical Signs of Age For Hands

Just like gray hairs and wrinkles on your face come with age, your hands have typical signs of aging as well. Some common ones are:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age Spots (also known as Liver Spots)
  • Loose Skin
  • Excess Visibility of Tendons, Veins, and Joints

Though there can be more signs of aging, these common ones can be readily addressed through hand rejuvenation treatments.

How Hand Rejuvenation Can Lead To Younger-Looking Hands

There are two areas of hand rejuvenation treatments, each hoping to address different signs of aging.

Skin Resurfacing

In the attempt to correct skin discoloration and to also correct wrinkles in the area, skin resurfacing techniques are used. The goal of skin resurfacing is to restore a youthful appearance through the encouragement of new growth. This is typically done through light chemical peels and laser treatment.

These same treatments are utilized for facial resurfacing; however, to a less intense degree to prevent scarring or injury. Because a more delicate approach is required for the skin on the hands, multiple treatment sessions are generally required.

Treatments For Visible Veins, Tendons, And Joints

To aid with visible tendons and joints, providers typically utilize injectable fillers. This gives volume to the hands, decreasing the ‘thinned’ appearance commonly associated with aged hands. Also, injectable fillers can help thicken the skin.

Protruding veins are typically treated with laser treatments which heat the vein without damaging the surrounding area and cause it to be absorbed by the body. Another treatment for vein visibility is sclerotherapy, which utilizes an injectant that collapses the vein where it then gets absorbed by the body.

Allow Desert Hills Plastic Surgery To Revive Your Hands 

Combating signs of aging can be difficult. Using the help of a professional can make it easier. At Desert Hills Plastic Surgery in Henderson, NV, board-certified Dr. Hayley Brown takes pride in helping others achieve their cosmetic goals.

To learn what the hand rejuvenation treatment would look like for you contact us today or call to schedule an appointment at 702-260-7707.

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