Tips for a Comfortable Breast Augmentation Recovery

Rely on Dr. Hayley Brown and our experienced team to get you back on your feet after breast augmentation. Below, we’ve provided a general outline of tips and ideas to help you recover comfortably. Talk to us about your specific schedule and lifestyle to get custom aftercare instructions.

Before Your Surgical Appointment

You can do some prep work to get ready before your surgery day. Have a list of to-dos or chores? Get these errands done ahead of time so you don’t feel tempted to do them while you are healing. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Prepare several meals ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about cooking
  • Stock up on soft, bland foods that won’t upset your stomach
  • Prepare an area of your home with books, movies, pillows, blankets and other comforting items
  • Make arrangements for your spouse, family member or trusted friend to help with childcare, errands, housework and any other tasks you should be taking a break from for about a week

We’ll make sure you know what to expect so you can plan accordingly. Everyone’s recovery is a little different, but we have cared for numerous breast augmentation patients and know what things are commonly experienced.

At Home

You’ll be able to return home shortly after your breast augmentation procedure. Here are some things to plan for:

  • Arrange to have someone drive you home and stay with you for at least the next 24 hours
  • Don’t plan to do anything other than rest
  • You should get up and walk around periodically
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Eat healthy, nutritious foods to sustain your energy and to help your body heal

Remember to prioritize yourself during this time. Get the rest you need and deserve. Dr. Brown will have discussed pain medications with you ahead of time. A couple days after surgery, most women get adequate pain relief from over-the-counter medications.


You’ll need to stay home from work for at least several days, and potentially as long as 1-2 weeks. It depends on the nature of your job, your ability to take time off and your comfort level with getting back to work. Some women go back to work after just 3-5 days. Our team can help you decide what will work best for you.

You won’t be able to do any heavy lifting with your arms for at least several weeks. So you’ll need to make sure your job can accommodate that restriction. If you have a job where you are working at a computer or desk most of the day, make sure you get up periodically to go for a walk.  

Exercise and Physical Activity

Eager to get back to your exercise routine and active lifestyle? Most of our patients are. But it’s also important to take the right amount of time off so you don’t overdo it. Your body needs time to bounce back.

Generally speaking, you’ll need to avoid lifting, running, swimming and intensive physical activity for about 3-4 weeks. Walking is certainly encouraged, starting just a couple hours after surgery. You’ll be able to gradually re-integrate activities over the following weeks. Talk to our team about your specific physical exercise so we can provide exact timelines.

Your Complete Recovery

It’ll take about 2 months for the breast implants to fully soften and settle into their natural positions. You will most likely be happy with the way your breasts look just a few weeks after the procedure. Subtle amounts of swelling may continue to dissipate for up to 6 weeks or longer.

Get Answers to Your Questions

You deserve complete information if you are considering breast augmentation. Dr. Hayley Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. To learn more about breast augmentation, or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Brown, please call our experienced staff at 702-260-7707. Dr. Brown proudly provides care for women and men from across Nevada, including Henderson and the surrounding areas.

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