New Year’s Resolutions for Looking and Feeling Your Best

We have all made it to 2013. With my husband turning 50 this year, and me turning 45, we are quickly passing through middle age. Time is precious and is passing quickly. Those of us with children need to look healthy, have energy, and be role models for our kids. There has to be time set aside to focus on yourself so that you can be as happy as possible each and every day. This will translate into improved quality of life for you and your family. Kids are very observant, smart, and sense your inner peace or chaos based on how you present yourself.

Letting yourself go reflects on your personality, emanating negativity, an ” I don’t care” attitude about life, bitterness, and victimization. Take responsibility for yourself and your choices and stop blaming others or your situation.

You don’t need to be rich, or even outwardly beautiful to exude beauty. As we all know, beauty really comes from within, and can be expressed by calmness, a smile, a laugh, and an interactive joyful personality that doesn’t take life too seriously. A sense of humor is important!

Simple efforts can be just as powerful in improving your appearance and demeanor as more aggressive intervention with plastic surgery or procedures.

Of course, we all know diet and exercise is key, with avoidance of smoking, excessive sun exposure, and getting regular restful sleep. In Las Vegas, partying every night may run your body down, but having fun with friends and laughing with a night at the Strip every now and then keeps you feeling alive and part of life. Everyone needs time set aside for themselves on a regular basis as an outlet for personal enjoyment, a hobby, and a passion. I just don’t buy the “I don’t have time” excuse. I have 4 kids and full time job and I find time every day to do something I enjoy, to laugh, to connect with people, and to be creative.

If you are looking or feeling old, a youthful yet age-appropriate haircut with a little grey coverage can have a tremendous impact on your appearance. This is a no-brainer. Some women look fabulous with grey hair cut in the right style; men can also look very handsome with grey hair. Granted, there is such thing as aging gracefully and looking beautiful without plastic surgery. My mother in law is 70, with short grey hair and clear skin and she looks youthful and beautiful for her age. She simply cares…

Naturally looking makeup, a medical grade skin care program with regular sunscreen is also an easy and affordable way to improve your look. A little effort in your clothing also goes a long way. Wearing slippers and sweatpants everyday with your hair in ponytails shows you simply don’t have enough energy to bother.

As we age, freckles increase, and we become plagued with spots of all different colors, red and brown, as well as actinic damage, which can predispose to skin cancer. Skin looks old. Laser treatments, chemical peels, and a visit to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can keep your skin looking smooth and fresh. A regular facial or massage is also beneficial.

If you’ve had your eye on a plastic surgery procedure, but have put it off because you can’t afford it or you are too busy, then this year perhaps your New Year’s resolution should be to have the tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, facelift, or breast augmentation you’ve always wanted.

Life is short and good health is a blessing. Do things now as you never know what the future will bring.

Dr. Hayley Brown MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center – Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada

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