New Scar Treatments

A new and exciting scar treatment has recently become available. Up until now, the most effective scar treatments have included silicone sheeting, massage, hydration, pressure, and steroid injections (Kenalog) for raised, red scars (hypertrophic scars). Embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy is a gel pad worn over a healing scar which keeps tension off the skin edges, so that the scar heals narrower and flatter, with less perceptibility.

Any healing incision that has tension on it tends to widen or thicken. Keeping tension off of a healing incision dramatically improves its final appearance. Abdominoplasty surgery, in particular, yields a long- length scar that tends to be highly visible. During tummy tuck surgery, the removal of a large amount of skin from the lower abdomen requires having to sit a patient up at the time of surgery to allow incisional closure, and this generates a lot on tension on the healing incision. As the patient’s posture improves over 1-2 weeks, you can imagine the tensile force wanting to “pull apart” the healing scar. Embrace scar therapy is the perfect solution in this setting to enhance scar appearance. Clear occlusive pads are placed along the length of the healing scar, which relieves the stress on the incision. Patients report less pulling pain, less incisional pain, and more comfort when maintaining a straight posture. Depending on the length of your particular incision, 1-3 pads may be required, as each pad is about 10 cm in length. The course of treatment is 8 weeks once the incision is fully healed, which is usually 10-14 days after surgery. Each pad needs to be changed weekly in the office setting, while progress is monitored. The scar treatment is well tolerated, and most patients find the pads comfortable and protective. The treatment is low maintenance with essentially nothing to do on the patient’s part. Patients with adhesive tape allergies, sensitive skin, or a history of contact dermatitis may not be candidates for the treatment.

Breast scars, brachioplasty scars, and other fresh scars affecting other areas of the body are also improved with Embrace Scar therapy. It is also perfect to use after scar revision surgery to improve the final result. This therapy is not recommended for old scars.

After investing thousands of dollars on a cosmetic surgical procedure, Embrace Scar therapy is well worth the additional cost if the final scar quality is significantly improved. Of course, everyone heals differently, so results can be variable from person to person, and no guarantee can be made on final scar quality. Keep in mind that it also takes at least one year or longer for a scar to mature and the pinkness to fade. Final assessment on scar quality is made after scar maturity, so be patient with final results.

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