December Special: $300 Off Juvéderm™ Voluma XC

The loss of facial volume can be one of the most disheartening visible signs of aging. Sunken, shallow cheeks can add years to your appearance as much as, if not more than, wrinkles and lines.

There’s never been a better time to restore volume to your face and take years off your appearance. At Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center, we’re offering $300 off Juvéderm™ Voluma XC through the end of 2019. That means you can get this non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for just $900 per syringe. For up to 2 or more years of vibrant, natural-looking results, that’s a small price to pay.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown has decades of experience helping her Las Vegas patients regain the appearance of youth, vigor, and vitality. Read on to learn how Juvéderm™ Voluma XC could help you.

What is Juvéderm™ Voluma XC?

Juvéderm™ Voluma XC is an injectable gel that is part of the Juvéderm® family of dermal fillers.

It is made from a modified form of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring compound in your body that helps give moisture and volume to your skin.

What Does Juvéderm™ Voluma XC Do?

Juvéderm™ Voluma XC is designed to restore volume to your cheeks and the middle of your face to give you a more youthful contour and appearance.

Restoring cheek volume is crucial because it has ripple effects throughout the rest of your face. Beyond improving the appearance of your cheeks, it also fills in the nasolabial creases, otherwise known as smile or laugh lines. It also adds volume to your tear troughs.

This is all crucial to staving off the visible signs of aging. The appearance of wrinkles and the loss of facial volume have one primary culprit — the age-related decline in collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Those two compounds help give your skin volume and elasticity, as well as retain moisture.

Once you hit your mid-20s, though, you produce about 1 percent less collagen and hyaluronic acid per year. That production never naturally picks up again. However, Juvéderm™ Voluma XC is made from hyaluronic acid and stimulates collagen production.

What is the Juvéderm™ Voluma XC Recovery Period?

There is none. Juvéderm™ Voluma XC is a no-downtime procedure. The actual injections should take less than half an hour, and you can return to your normal activities as soon as you leave our office.

Need to head back to work? Go for it. Want to shop? Knock yourself out. The only activity you should avoid the day of your treatment is exercise, and you can jump back into that the day after.

How Long Does Juvéderm™ Voluma XC Last?

Juvéderm™ Voluma XC is one of the longest-lasting filler options on the market. It’s made with Vycross, an advanced technology that increases its longevity to 2 years or more.

This long-lasting potential, combined with the special pricing offered by Dr. Brown for the rest of the year, means Juvéderm™ Voluma XC gives you the best bang for your buck in the world of fillers and injectables.

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Dr. Brown is one of Las Vegas’ top-rated plastic surgeons. She and her experienced team are dedicated to giving you natural results that take years off your appearance.

If you want to restore lost facial volume, now is the time. With Juvéderm™ Voluma XC injections available for just $900 per syringe for the rest of 2019, there’s never been a better moment to start your journey toward a more youthful look.

Dr. Brown serves Henderson, Las Vegas, and nearby areas of Nevada. Call (702) 260-7707 today to schedule a consultation.

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