Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Age or weight may not be a factor when it comes to breast reduction surgery. Successful breast reduction surgery has been performed at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center in women ages 16-80. All patients must be healthy, motivated, and compliant non-smokers. Breast size can vary between women. Some patients have dramatically large breast sizes and severe sagging, while others may have breasts that are more modestly oversized for their frame, yet just as bothersome. Patients seeking a decrease in bra cup size, treatment of sagging, enlarged or low nipples and areola, and better symmetry are all good candidates for surgery. Asymmetric conditions such as volume differences, positional differences in the breast mound itself or nipple and areolar position, and contour problems are treated with breast reduction surgery. More pleasing breast proportions are obtained in harmony with the patient’s frame, while maintaining a curvy female silhouette. Additional emphasis is placed on the nipple areolar complex so that it is well positioned and proportioned to the size of the new breast mound. Patients with difficulty exercising, back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain from the weight of the breasts almost always report complete symptom relief after surgery. Women who are self-conscious about the size of their breasts or feel matronly and look top heavy benefit from surgery, as well as individuals with goals just to fit into slim clothing styles and bathing suits without bulky supportive bras. Patients with sagging breasts and skin looseness or stretch marks achieve a youthful contour with a skin tightening effect.

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