Reasons for Nipple Reduction Surgery

nipple reduction Nipple reduction surgery isn’t as uncommon as you might think. This surgery is for women or men who feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about their nipples projecting excessively. There’s minimal downtime during this procedure, and it can be combined with any breast surgery. No two nipples are the same, so there’s no “normal” nipple size or shape. Keep reading to learn more about this surgery, and reach out to Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center if nipple reduction is something you want to discuss.

Reasons to Have Nipple Reduction Surgery

Other than reducing the size of your nipples, women have other reasons for having nipple reduction surgery, including:

Psychological Impact

Often, nipple appearance can impact your self-esteem. If you feel self-conscious or embarrassed about the shape and size of your nipples because they are more difficult to conceal, especially under light clothing, you might consider nipple reduction surgery.

Nipple Asymmetry

If one nipple is noticeably larger than the other or has a different shape, it can lead to frustration and insecurity in both men and women. It can affect intimate moments or prevent you from wearing some types of clothing. You can make your nipples the same size with nipple reduction surgery.

Lifestyle Limitations

When your nipples protrude prominently, you may not want to wear certain types of clothing, such as bathing suits and tight-fitting tops. Some activities, such as exercising and participating in sports, may be uncomfortable, causing you to avoid them.

Who Should Not Consider Nipple Reduction Surgery

Because nipple reduction surgery can affect the sensation in your nipples and make it harder to breastfeed, you should wait until after you are done having kids before considering this procedure. Before you have nipple reduction surgery, your surgeon will meet with you to evaluate your health to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Where to Find Nipple Reduction Surgery in Henderson, NV

Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center serves Henderson and the surrounding areas in Nevada. To find out more about nipple reduction surgery, speak with a surgeon at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. To schedule a consultation, please call 702-260-7707.

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