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Until recently, most patients never discussed breast implant profile with their plastic surgeons. If you chose a certain size breast implant, you would receive a predetermined amount of forward projection from that implant. Now, you can choose a breast implant size and, if you like, have that  implant project out more or less than you want.

Moderate Profile 

These are the standard implants used for the majority of breast augmentation patients. They tend to look the most natural and teardrop shape, as the saline or silicone falls to the bottom in the upright position. Lying down, these implants also look most natural as the volume in the device settles evenly along the bottom of the implant. They fill the width of breast dimension ideally, and can help to close a wide cleavage space. Wide framed or broad chested women can achieve a natural fill of their breast dimensions without going excessively large in this  implant style. In thin, flat chested women with a wide cleavage, the gradual slope from skin along the chest bones to the projection of the implant looks most attractive and natural. However, narrow chested patients may find that the width of their desired size implant in the moderate profile style is too wide, which limits their size options. By using a higher profile implant, a narrow and petite patient can get the size she desires with an implant that fits within her narrow frame.

High Profile Implants

These breast implants have more projection per measurement of base diameter than a moderate profile breast implant. These high profile breast implants will provide more anterior projection (front projection). High profile implants tend to look rounder and less natural than moderate profile implants. They tend to look more petite and work well in petite, narrow women desiring a large breast size. In these cases, moderate profile implants of a patient’s desired size may be too wide and can bulge laterally. Dr. Brown uses high profile silicone implants frequently, as the more natural silicone quality balances the rounder, less natural-looking implant style. The high profile saline implants do tend to look very round and unnatural, especially in thin, flat-chested women where there is significant implant perceptibility. An added benefit of the high profile breast implant is that in order to create the profile, the sidewall of the implant has more height, which may reduce implant folds and visible rippling. Rippling, however, is more related to thinness of tissues overlying the implant, rather than implant style. Rippling or implant visibility is unattractive and is related to implant size. Larger implants exert more tissue stretch and thinning around the implant, predisposing to rippling and sagging issues. Patients who are thin with a small amount of breast tissue become at risk for rippling when choosing larger or high profile implant styles. There are also  extra-high and ultra-high profile implants available. These implants have the roundest, least natural shape on the market with even less width and more narrowness. The excessive projection creates dramatic superior pole fullness. This implant is not for everybody. It is mostly for patients who desire a very large, unnatural, projecting breast with the most narrow width possible. Dr. Brown is not a fan of extra-high profile implants. The large size and unnatural outward projection is not particularly appealing out of clothes, plus these implants can cause tissue damage by the excessive tissue stretch and pressure on surrounding tissues.

Moderate Plus Profile or Midrange Profile

This implant style is in between the Moderate and High Profile style. It can be a nice compromise in individuals where satisfying goal size is important while balancing naturalness as much as possible. With the many sizes and shapes of implants available, it is important to trust Dr. Brown when it comes to making final decisions on your implant. With over 15 years of experience sizing hundreds of patients each year, she will know what sizes and profiles are most appropriate to satisfy your cup size desires while maintaining a beautifully contoured, natural-looking breast and cleavage.

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