How Does Weight Affect my Candidacy for Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Ideally, women should be of stable weight before undergoing breast reduction surgery. Major weight fluctuations after surgery can alter breast size. Small weight fluctuations of 10-15 lbs do not usually significantly affect the outcome. Normal weight women who notice weight fluctuations affecting their breast size can experience size changes with larger weight changes. Many breast reduction patients are overweight. Because it is difficult or even impossible to do many exercises with disproportionately sized breasts, weight loss before surgery may not be realistic. Patients who have a body mass index greater than 30 are a higher risk for surgery and are recommended to loose weight before elective surgery if feasible. In summary, healthy patients of various weights are good candidates for surgery. Obese patients may be asked to lose weight if possible so that surgery is safer. Major weight fluctuations or pregnancy after surgery can change the size or appearance of the breasts.