Breast Implant Manufacturers and iImplant Warranties

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Three companies manufacture breast implants in the United States:

All 3 breast implant companies offer 2 lifetime replacement implants in any size for a confirmed ruptured implant. Financial assistance varies between $1200-$3600 if the rupture occurs within 10 years from the date of implantation.

Sientra and Mentor also offer a warranty for capsular contracture, or scar tissue that occurs around an implant. Under their “CapCon Care” or “C3? program, Sientra will provide new implants if the contracture changes the appearance of the breast and occurs within five years of implantation. Mentor provides an automatic product replacement policy to cover severe capsular contractures, double capsules, and late forming fluid collections (seroma) around an implant if they occur within 3 years of implantation. You can purchase a Mentor enhanced warranty for $200 that also provides $3500 of financial assistance if one of these conditions occurs within 10 years of implantation.

Allergan and Mentor offer enhanced warranties for their saline implants by purchase for $100-$200.

I always recommend purchasing enhanced warranties within 45 days of your breast augmentation when available by either company.

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