Implants Alone Do Not Treat Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts treated with large implants over the muscle in a woman refusing the scarring associated with breast lift surgery.

There is a popular misconception that larger implants can lift a breast or treat sagging. It is incorrect to believe that a larger implant creates a perkier (less ptotic) breast. Perhaps the first week after surgery it gives the illusion of a perkier breast as the breast is blown up like a balloon. In reality, implants add considerable weight to breasts, and potentially aggravate the sagging condition as a result of gravitational forces. Not only that, but larger implants exert more tissue stretch, more thinning, more risks for implant visibility and rippling, and more sagging over time which can be very difficult to correct. It is important to choose the right implant size for your frame and maintain natural soft tissue thickness over implants to minimize risks for implant visibility while increasing the longevity of the result. Do not assume that by going with a high profile silicone implant that the risks of implant perceptibility will be reduced. In the face of thinness overlying implants, any implant style will be perceived through the skin.

Breast lift surgery treats sagging. Dr. Brown has expertise in performing simultaneous breast enlargement with implants and breast lift (mastopexy). She is passionate about this surgical procedure, its complexities, and the delivery of excellent results in all patients. It is important to view many before and after pictures of Dr. Brown’s work so that you have realistic expectations with respect to contours and the final scar pattern that will result. It is important to note various individual healing capabilities and scar appearance, as well as time frames after surgery to assess scar maturation and final scar quality. It takes at least one year, if not longer in some individuals, for scars to mature and fade to natural skin color. Scars are typically red until they are mature.

Sagging breasts treated with appropriately sized implants under the muscle with simultaneous breast lift.

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