7 Things to Know About Breast Implant Revision

Your needs and goals will likely change sometime after getting a breast augmentation. Breast implant revision, also known as breast implant removal and replacement, helps address those changes. Here are seven important things you should know if you are considering this surgery:

  1. It is more common than you might think: In the United States, over 30,000 breast augmentation patients had their implants removed in 2020. That is according to the latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You are not alone!
  2. It can be performed for many reasons: Common motivations include changing implant size, changing implant material, and correcting complications. However, there are many other diverse reasons why women may decide to remove their original breast implants.
  3. Implants are not lifetime medical devices: Breast implants are durable and expected to last for many years. However, it is natural for them to wear out eventually. If everything looks and feels good, removal will not be necessary. Yet it is something to keep in mind.
  4. You can choose not to replace your implants: It is entirely possible to remove your implants without replacing them with new ones. In fact, it is a route that many women decide to take. Keep in mind that you may want to get a breast lift to combat any drooping or sagging that may be present after a standalone breast explant surgery.
  5. It can enhance your appearance: Implant removal and replacement can address changes caused by age, pregnancy, and more. Often, it is combined with a lift.
  6. It is considered a safe surgery: Seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience like Dr. Hayley Brown. Doing so will set you up for success.
  7. It can correct poor outcomes: If you aren’t satisfied with your original results, implant removal and replacement can get you there. Talk to our surgeon about your goals.

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Dr. Hayley Brown is a board-certified female plastic surgeon who wants you to look and feel your best. Book a consultation at 702-260-7707 to learn if breast implant revision is right for you. Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center serves Las Vegas, Henderson, and nearby Nevada areas.

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