3 Things to Know About Sculptra® Aesthetic

Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to refresh your appearance without committing to surgery. However, not all dermal fillers are created equal. They work differently, contain different ingredients, and offer different results. Here are three things that set Sculptra® Aesthetic apart.

1. It Helps Stimulate Natural Collagen Growth

Many of the leading dermal fillers available today contain hyaluronic acid (HA). When injected below a line, wrinkle, or fold, this ingredient provides an instant boost of volume that smooths the treatment area. It can also add attractive fullness to features such as the cheeks or lips.

Sculptra Aesthetic is different. It contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to revitalize collagen production. Collagen is a major component of your skin that declines due to age. Our patients love Sculptra Aesthetic because it treats a top cause of facial aging instead of the symptoms.

2. It Can Treat Many Different Areas

Visible aging can leave its mark on every part of your face. Fortunately, Sculptra Aesthetic is a versatile cosmetic filler that is ideal for treating facial wrinkles and folds wherever they appear.

Some common concerns that Sculptra Aesthetic can address include:

  • Folds between the nose and mouth
  • Lines around the mouth
  • Chin wrinkles

Schedule a consultation to learn if Sculptra Aesthetic is appropriate for your specific concerns.

3. The Results Can Last Up To Two Years

Dermal fillers are usually a great option for people who aren’t ready for surgery. However, they don’t offer the same longevity. In fact, most fillers need to be touched up several times a year.

Sculptra Aesthetic is one exception. It produces gradual but lasting results over a series of initial treatments. Many patients can go up to two years without booking a maintenance appointment!

Ready to Try Sculptra Aesthetic in Las Vegas?

Sculptra Aesthetic is a popular way to turn back the hands of time. Call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery at 702-260-7707 to learn what this innovative type of dermal filler can do for you.

Dr. Hayley Brown is a board-certified female plastic surgeon with extensive experience in non-surgical rejuvenation. She can refresh your look with the help of Sculptra Aesthetic.

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