What Size Will I be After My Breast Reduction?

First of all, there is no standardization of bra cup sizes and all bras fit differently. Most patients with large breasts don’t really know their true cup size, as they need to special order bras that fit properly. Alternatively, they buy bras that are a few sizes too small, or wear minimizer bras, to make their breasts look smaller in clothing. Bra size cannot be guaranteed after breast reduction, as tissue needs to be left behind to ensure blood supply and nerve supply to the healing breast skin and nipple. Some women are used to being large breasted and they want to retain volume to maintain their curvy female figure. Others say they want to go as small as possible. It is also important to think about the future, and take into account future body changes so that patients are satisfied with both the short-term and long-term result when it comes to size.

With 15 years of experience doing breast reductions weekly, Dr. Brown will strive to satisfy your personal goals. In women who want to be as small as possible, she will get you as small as you can safely, without jeopardizing healing. It is important to maintain a degree of attractive superior pole fullness, and achieve a round, youthful, well-proportioned breast. In patients of all ages, regardless of final cup size obtained, the results from breast reduction surgery are dramatic and life changing, symptoms of pain are typically resolved, and quality of life is improved.

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