Plastic Surgery Statistics Show Continued Enthusiasm for Aesthetics

Each year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases an annual report featuring statistics from the previous year. These statistics are reported by ASPS member surgeons across the country, giving us a comprehensive picture of plastic surgery trends in America. Now that we’ve had a chance to look at the recently released 2017 stats, we know that the usual top procedures have maintained their standings and that a couple other procedures have risen in their rankings. Read more below and then give us a call to talk about your aesthetic surgery plans! Dr. Hayley Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Las Vegas area. She looks forward to discussing your goals and helping you choose an aesthetic treatment plan. To arrange a consultation, please call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center at 702-260-7707.

Non-Surgical Popularity Continues to Grow

Minimally invasive procedures provide effective aesthetic results without surgery or downtime, and at a greatly reduced upfront cost compared to surgery. It’s no wonder they maintained their popularity in 2017. Here are the top 5, ranked by how many treatments were reported by ASPS surgeons in 2017:

ASPS reports a grand total 15.7 million minimally invasive treatments performed last year. In Nevada, a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment can be a great way to prep for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Because downtime is minimal to non-existent, you can get back to your routine quickly. And if you arrange your appointment soon, you’ll be ready for your summer vacation with your results ready to go.

More Women Getting Breast Reductions

Breast reduction increased significantly in 2017, by 11 percent compared to the previous year, with nearly 44,000 procedures performed. Prior to that, the procedure had been experiencing slight decreases from year to year. So what could be the explanation? It’s impossible to know for sure. But we do know that breast reduction can have considerable benefits for women living with the discomfort caused by excessively large and heavy breasts, such as:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Discomfort while exercising and being active
  • Emotional discomfort tied to the way your bust looks in tops and dresses
  • Emotional discomfort tied to difficulty finding flattering clothes that fit you well
  • Physical discomfort caused by chafing or rashes beneath your breasts
  • Physical discomfort caused by bra straps digging into your shoulders

Perhaps in 2017 women were better informed about the benefits of breast reduction, and the possibility of insurance coverage when it is deemed medically necessary. Women deserve to know their options for achieving the body they want, as well as the physical and emotional comfort they deserve. Breast reduction is something you can learn all about during a consultation with Dr. Brown.

Tummy Tucks Back in the Top 5

In 2017, tummy tuck surgery regained its position in the Top 5 procedures. It had fallen out of that list in 2016. But last year, 2,000 more tummy tucks were performed than were performed in 2016. There were almost 130,000 tummy tucks in 2017.

Tummy tuck surgery can be a great option if you want to reduce excess fat and puffy skin on your abdomen. It can also repair abdominal muscles that have been stretched and separated during pregnancy. A tauter, smooth tummy with improved muscle tone are the results you can expect.

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Dr. Hayley Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the entire Las Vegas region. Her state-of-the-art practice is located in Henderson, Nevada. Dr. Brown is passionate about helping her patients feel great about the way they look. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Brown, please call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center at 702-260-7707.

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