Plastic Surgery 101: 6 Things You Should Know Before Surgery

You have decided – this is the year that you take control of your appearance and you know that plastic surgery will help you achieve the enhancements you want in order to feel comfortable and confident with your appearance. But have you done all the research you need to feel comfortable and confident with your procedure? Make sure you understand these key considerations before your surgery.

1. Who Is Your Doctor?

You want to more than surface level information about the surgeon you choose. Plastic surgery is an elective procedure, but it is still major surgery. You should thoroughly research your surgeon before selecting him or her. You will want to know:

  • Board Certification. Is your doctor board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? This is a rigorous certification process that ensures your surgeon has undergone extensive training and testing to be a plastic surgeon. Some so-called cosmetic surgeons have not undergone the additional surgical training necessary to become a highly skilled surgeon. Know the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.
  • Training and Experience. How long has your doctor been in practice? Does he or she have years of practical surgical experience? How many procedures have they performed like yours? You want to know that your doctor has the experience to give you the natural-looking results you want.
  • Patient Success Stories. How have other patients felt about your doctor? Did they feel comfortable? Did they get all of their questions answered? Are they completely satisfied with their results? If they could do it again, would they choose the same doctor? You can find past patients’ results, and often their success stories, on your doctor’s website. You can also consult to get other patients’ opinions.
  • Respect in the field. Is your plastic surgeon well respected and recognized as a top doctor? Good surgeons will be recognized by their patients and peers for the work they have done. For example, Dr. Brown is often recognized as a “Top Doctor” or “Best Doctor” by organizations and publications throughout the Las Vegas region.

2. What Are Your Procedure Options?

Whether you want a facelift, tummy tuck, or a breast augmentation, you will have a variety of options with each procedure. You can research these online and in discussion with your friends who have undergone similar procedures, but the best way to get all of your questions answered is to schedule a consultation with your surgeon.

Once you have a basic knowledge of what your options are, you can ask your surgeon more detailed questions about what would be right for your body. For example, if you are undergoing breast augmentation, you have several options when it comes to implants. Should you get saline or silicone? Should you get a high profile implant? What incision option is best for your implant? Your surgeon can help you make the right choices to achieve the look you want.

3. What Are the Risks and Possible Complications?

Every surgery comes with risk. Knowing what these risks are is simply part of educating yourself about the procedure you choose. In general, there are risks associated with anesthesia and possible infections while healing. With modern technology these risks are slight, but you should still be aware of them. Choosing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon helps reduce the chances of any complications. Talk with your surgeon about any concerns you may have. He or she will discuss your concerns and the precautions taken during surgery and recovery to minimize risk.

4. Where Will Your Surgery Be Performed?

You want to make sure that your surgery will be performed with the highest safest standards in place. Your surgery should be performed in a fully accredited outpatient center or on-site surgical facility with a board certified anesthesiologist, and your doctor should have hospital privileges.

At Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Brown has hospital privileges at St. Rose Dominican Siena and St Rose De Lima Hospital. Dr. Brown has been working as a team with our anesthesiologist since 1996.

5. What Will Recovery Look and Feel Like?

Recovery is different for every person. Our bodies heal at their own rates. But in general, you can expect a certain amount of recovery time for each procedure. For example, major procedures, such as tummy tuck and breast augmentation will require you to limit strenuous activities for about four weeks following surgery. Other less invasive procedures like liposuction will only take several days to a week for the initial stages of healing.

Researching online, talking to other patients about their experiences, and talking with your doctor will help you understand exactly what to expect from the moment you wake up from surgery till the moment you see the final, amazing results.

6. Are You Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery can dramatically enhance your appearance, but it cannot change your life overnight. Be honest with yourself about your reasons for choosing to undergo a procedure. You should never have plastic surgery because someone else wants you to. Plastic surgery is a way to enhance your own beauty and let it shine through.

During your consultation with Dr. Brown, you will discuss your expectations for surgery. We want you to be completely happy with your results, and part of ensuring that satisfaction is making sure you understand before surgery what results you should expect after surgery.

Have you learned everything you should about your procedure? Are you ready to discuss your options with a highly skilled and experienced surgeon?

During your consultation with Dr. Hayley Brown, you can get all of your questions answered and address any lingering concerns you may have about your procedure. We want you to know that you have made the right decision and be more than satisfied with your results.

Call Dr. Hayley Brown today at 702-260-7707 to schedule your consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. We welcome patients from Henderson, Las Vegas, and throughout the nation.

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