Menstrual Cycle and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Women planning on plastic surgery often voice concern over their menstrual cycle and the timing of surgery. Many are concerned that having their period at the same time as their surgery may cause some issues. Women who are on their period do not have any increased risk of complications, so it is perfectly safe to undergo surgery while on your period. Some women have symptoms such as abdominal cramping and mild breast swelling and tenderness associated with their menstrual cycle, but these symptoms do not tend to affect the surgical course.

If you have surgery scheduled and expect your period to coincide with surgery it is fine to use your normal female hygiene products. Patients can use the restroom right before surgery and then again after. If your surgery is greater than 3 hours, a urinary catheter may be used and will be unaffected by your menses.

Also be prepared for a possible change in your cycle after a surgical procedure. Any stress such as surgery can affect your circulating hormone levels and can change the regularity of your cycle.

Although it seems awful to get your period on the day of your surgery and inconvenient during your recovery, don’t stress it. Regardless of where you are in your menstrual cycle, you can proceed with your plastic surgical procedure without worry.

If you have any concerns about plastic surgery, please don't hesitate to contact Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center by calling  702-260-7707. Our office is located in Henderson, Nevada, and we are pleased to serve patients throughout the Las Vegas area and visitors from across the country.

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