Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Nipple Reduction

Nipples are not an embarrassing thing. They are naturally occurring parts of the human body that come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes, excessive projection or size can be a point of embarrassment. Nipple reduction surgery, also known as nipple reduction or reshaping, is a standard procedure that many women decide to undergo for a variety of reasons. Whether for aesthetic purposes or to deal with underlying medical issues such as pain, a nipple reshaping can help bring balance and proportion to the breasts.

Why Do Women Choose Nipple Reduction?

Choosing a nipple reduction procedure is a very personal choice, but it is also much more common than most of Dr. Haley Brown’s patients realize. The surgery helps adjust the appearance of the nipples in relation to the rest of the breast and create a more ideal look, based on your desired outcomes. It can help minimize or conceal prominent nipples that would otherwise show through clingy tops, swimwear, and undergarments.

What Does Nipple Reduction Surgery Look Like?

During the procedure, Dr. Haley removes skin from around or atop the nipples so they appear smaller compared to surrounding tissue. The surgery preserves important nerves and functions near them, usually taking less than an hour to complete.

Some women also choose to reduce their areola, which uses a similar procedure to make them smaller and more proportioned to your breast. These procedures can be done on their own or paired with another breast enhancement surgery, such as a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Recovering from nipple reduction requires minimal downtime, but taking time to rest and recover is essential. You should avoid strenuous activities and wear comfortable clothing that won’t irritate your incisions.

Is Nipple Reduction the Right Choice for Me?

While nipple reduction surgery is a personal choice, the procedure itself is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. During your consultation, Dr. Brown will discuss your circumstances, desired outcomes, and any concerns you have about the procedure. Call our office, located in Henderson, Nevada, at 702-260-7707 or visit us online at deserthillsplasticsurgery.com to schedule an appointment.

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