Does a Tummy Tuck Lift Your Pubic Area?

It’s not unusual for individuals considering a tummy tuck to have excess fat or sagging skin above the pubic bone (medically known as the mons pubis). Abdominoplasty is designed to remove fat and tighten loose skin in the abdominal area, which can have a positive impact on the appearance of the mons pubis. However, if the pubic area is more than minimally saggy, a tummy tuck won’t help enough.

Weight gain, aging, and pregnancy can all cause the pubic area to expand and sag significantly. In these situations, a pubic lift combined with a tummy tuck may be the best way to achieve the results you desire. This approach can slim your stomach while restoring a more flattering pubic contour.

Pubic Lift with Abdominoplasty

A pubic lift, or monsplasty, raises, tightens, and flattens excess tissue covering the pubic bone. Several different techniques may be used during a pubic lift, depending on the nature of your concern. The procedure often involves removing drooping skin. Liposuction may also be incorporated to remove excess fatty deposits.

A pubic lift can be performed as a standalone procedure for a smoother look and improved function. However, many patients benefit from a pubic lift performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck. While a pubic lift removes excess skin and fat from the mons pubis, a tummy tuck addresses the area above. This body contouring surgery creates a smoother and firmer abdominal profile.

Reasons to Consider This Surgical Combination

It’s common to experience excess fat and sagging skin in both the abdominal and pubic areas. With normal aging, these regions of the body lose elasticity and start to droop. Pregnancy and weight gain can further contribute to sagging. Meanwhile, excess fatty tissue can be particularly hard to eliminate through exercise, especially in the pubic area.

Combining a pubic lift with abdominoplasty is a great option for many people, especially those who have excess skin after losing a significant amount of weight. You may consider this surgical combination if the following statements apply to your situation:

  • It’s hard to find clothing that fits due to mons pubis enlargement
  • You dress in a way that hides your pubic area bulge
  • The appearance of your pubic area causes embarrassment or affects your intimate relationships
  • Excess skin interferes with your urinary function or reduces sexual satisfaction
  • You want to correct excess fat and sagging skin in your abdominal area
  • Your abdominal muscles are weak, torn, or separated

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