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November 26, 2012
With the popularity of Iphones, video chatting using apps like Facetime are part of everyday life. Whether you are chatting with friends and family, dating, or doing a job interview, video chatting is influencing how we perceive ourselves. For many, seeing one’s self on a video chat is an eye-... Read More
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October 22, 2012
I have just returned from a workshop and cadaver lab learning the latest techniques for the use of acellular dermal matrices (ADM) in breast surgery. ADM is a tissue matrix made from human (Alloderm) or porcine skin (Strattice). It used to add coverage and reinforce tissue over breast implants. ADM... Read More
Category: Breast Surgery
October 04, 2012
My practice specializes in body contouring after pregnancy. Being a mom of 4, I can relate to women’s abdominal contour problems after childbearing. It is incredibly frustrating to diet and exercise regularly, and yet be unable to correct the loose skin, fatty deposits, and bulging muscles most... Read More
Category: Body Contouring
September 13, 2012
There have been many modifications in liposuction equipment over the years. All are variations on the theme of a metal tube being placed in the area of concern and a vacuum pump aspirating the unwanted fat. This is referred to as “suction assisted liposuction.” Tumescent super-wet technique is... Read More
Category: Body Contouring
September 05, 2012
The concept of liposuction started in the 1920s, and involved a type of curettage technique, or “scooping out” of fat, that achieved irregular results with risks for bleeding and other complications. This was a morbid procedure, and after a tragic case that resulted in gangrene in the leg of a... Read More
Category: Body Contouring
August 17, 2012
American spends billions of dollars each year on topical anti-aging creams. Many products advertise dramatic results, but in reality, little evidence support these claims. Ideally, a healthy lifestyle should be combined with a morning and evening skin care routine. The routine starts with a facial... Read More
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July 25, 2012
Individuals seeking plastic surgery should be non-smokers and in good health to ensure optimum healing, decreased risks for complications, and a predictable outcome. Not only does smoking effect the lungs, risking breathing difficulties and pneumonia, but the deleterious effects of smoking on skin... Read More
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July 12, 2012
Las Vegas is a destination for plastic surgery. We regularly see patients from out of town and from all over the world. Our office is about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Ideally patients should fly in ahead of time for a consultation, to make sure they are a good... Read More
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June 07, 2012
The regular usage of herbal medications and supplements is widespread in our plastic surgery population. 25% of patients report regularly using herbal medicines. While these supplements offer many health benefits, they are deleterious when it comes to elective surgery. It is important that patients... Read More
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May 16, 2012
VANCOUVER, MAY 2012 PART 3: BODY, A NEW TREATMENT FOR CELLULITE?? Liposuction techniques are numerous, and not one technology is better than the other. Most plastic surgeons agree that the traditional tumescent technique with fat aspiration continues to be highly effective, predictable, and safe.... Read More
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