Candidates for Breast Lift with Augmentation

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The best candidates for augmentation mastopexy surgery are healthy women who are non-smokers with sagging (ptotic) breasts of low volume, the most common scenario in women after childbearing and weight fluctuation. There are many young women who have naturally low or sagging breasts right from puberty. Women of all ages are also affected with significant asymmetries with respect to nipple and breast position, underdevelopment of one or both breasts, or tubular breast deformities with enlarged areola, and ill-defined breast mounds. Almost all women become saggy as a result of aging and gravity or poor skin tone, and many desire an increase in breast cup size. With the increasing popularity of gastric bypass surgery and lap bands for obesity, there is becoming a large subset of women after massive weight loss with dramatic excess skin of the breasts and loss of breast tissue that benefit from augmentation mastopexy surgery. Patients with a history of previous breast surgery or augmentation are also great candidates for augmentation mastopexy surgery. These patients present for reoperation to not only maintain their implants, but also to address cosmetic concerns such as cup size changes, sagging issues, lateral displacement and bottoming out of implants or breast tissue, and nipple size and positional issues.