Aesthetic Goals of Mastopexy

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  • The goals of mastopexy surgery are to raise the breast and nipple, tighten the skin, and achieve a youthful, well-contoured, perky, and age-appropropriate breast.
  • Symmetry in appearance, volume, and nipple position is desired, although absolute perfect symmetry between breasts is not realistic. Breasts are sisters and not twins.
  • Maximum superior and medial fullness is desired at the time of surgery, as tissues relax and settle from gravity to create a very naturally contoured, teardrop shaped breast mound. Dr. Brown focuses on establishing as much superior pole fullness as possible; at the end of the procedure, it often looks like an implant is in there. Patients with good skin tone fare better than those with loose, lax skin tone. Attractive and symmetric medial cleavage is important. Most women desire close cleavage.
  • Reduction in lateral breast fullness with repositioning of this tissue more central is achieved.
  • Enlarged or protuberant nipples and areola can also be corrected.
  • Ability to wear various clothing styles and enjoy certain clothing styles without the need to wear a bra. Show off your back and shoulders.
  • Do away with the matronly look. Look healthy and fit.
  • See your upper waistline again.