Achieving Abdominal Definition After Pregnancy

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Abdominal Definition After PregnancyA question almost every mother considers at some point is how to achieve better abdominal definition after bearing children. Most women find that no matter how many miles they run or how many crunches they do, it seems impossible to get the same flat abs they had before pregnancy.

The problem with trying to achieve abdominal definition through diet and exercise alone after pregnancy is that the skin and muscles of the abdomen have been stretched to their limits during pregnancy. Abdominal muscles separate to make room for the growing baby and they often need surgical intervention to return to the state you remember before pregnancy. Abdominal skin can also loosen and refuse to tighten after childbirth. This combination of loose skin and muscles can be embarrassing in tight-fitting clothes or during bathing suit season.

A tummy tuck procedure can help you regain the abdominal definition that you want. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Brown can tighten abdominal muscles, eliminate excess skin, and may even be able to reduce the appearance of stretch marks depending on their location.

In consultation, with Dr. Brown, you can discuss how a tummy tuck can benefit you and whether you would like to combine it with other procedures, such as a breast lift, in a mommy makeover for full body rejuvenation.  

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