Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

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The reasons for breast implant removal are as varied as the reasons for undergoing breast augmentation. It is a personal decision that each woman should make to satisfy her own life and body goals. As you experience more time with your breast implants, you may wish to have them removed at some point. Removal of breast implants is more common than many women believe.

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Why Choose Breast Implant Removal?

Women of all ages choose to remove their implants. Some women in their 20s and 30s have grown tired of the appearance of their implants. Women in their 40s and 50s or older may feel it’s time for a change if their implants are sagging or causing them to look more matronly than they’d like.

You may identify with these common reasons for considering breast implant removal:

  • Dissatisfaction with appearance. After several years with implants, some women just want to return to a their smaller curves. Other women were never truly satisfied with the results of their first breast augmentation. All women can be affected by age, pregnancy, and weight gain or loss. These factors will alter the appearance of your implants.
  • Desire to increase physical activity. Larger breasts can be a hindrance to physical activity. They can affect the range of motion of arms during sports from golfing to paddleboarding.
  • Deflation or capsular contracture. When implants rupture or the body has formed a hard cavity around the implant, this can lead to an abnormal appearance that can be corrected with implant removal or replacement.
  • Styles have changed. The larger breast implants that were popular in the 80s and 90s do not suit the celebrity body trends of today. This can lead women with larger implants to feel self-conscious and yearn to return to smaller, shapelier breasts.

Breast Implant Removal Options

Implant removal affects each patient differently. During your consultation with Dr. Hayley Brown, you will discuss your goals for removal, and she will suggest the right combination of procedures to achieve the results you want. She will also discuss with you what you should expect from implant removal so that you have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure.

Often, patients who undergo breast implant removal will also want a breast lift with removal to ensure shapely, well-formed breasts. Other patients may wish to replace their current breast implants with a smaller or larger size.

To learn more about your breast implant removal options and find out which procedures will help you achieve the natural-looking results you want, call Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center at (702) 260-7707 today to schedule your consultation with our experienced Las Vegas breast implant surgeon.