Ear Surgery – Otoplasty

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Otoplasty for Adults, Children in Las Vegas NVOtoplasty is the surgery to correct abnormalities in the structure of the ears. The main concern is ears that are too prominent or projecting.

Earlobe surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery. Torn or stretched earlobes from ear piercings, earrings, or gauges can be repaired to restore a complete and normal looking earlobe. In addition, saggy and redundant earlobes from gravity and aging can be reduced to a more youthful appearance.

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The Otoplasty Procedure

Ear surgery can be performed on children or adults. For children, the best age for surgery is at 5 years, or when the child is about to start kindergarten. This minimizes the social pressures a child can experience when entering school.

The otoplasty procedure is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

A small incision is made behind the ear and the underlying cartilage is recontoured. The ear is then "pinned" or sutured closer to the scalp to reduce prominence. A compressive dressing is applied to the ears for a week, followed by an elastic headband that needs to be worn for 4-6 weeks to protect the ears. Contact sports must be avoided during this time.

Earlobe surgery can be performed in the office with local anesthesia. Redundant portions of the earlobe are removed, and the earlobe is reshaped and sutured. Discomfort is minimal, and little to no time off work is typical. No exercise is recommended for one week. Sutures are removed at your first postoperative visit at one week.

Cost of ear surgery: At our practice, the procedure costs between $7,500 and $9,500. We will provide you with the exact cost at your consultation, as well as describe your payment options.

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