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Hair Restoration with Neograft in Las Vegas

Hair Replacement & Restoration Procedures Las VegasHair loss affects both men and women. Although hair thinning and balding is more acceptable in men, hair loss and hair thinning is very distressing and devastating to women.

Women are just as likely as men to have issues with hair loss and hair thinning. They just don’t talk about it and are able to hide it well with certain hairstyles and products. If you need hair restoration in the Las Vegas area, please call (702) 260-7707 to discuss your options with the qualified staff at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

During a hair transplant, hair is removed from a thicker donor area, such as the hair on the back of your head underneath, and transplanted into areas that are thin, like the front and top of your head. We offer a scarless technology called Neograft.

Older techniques remove a long strip of the scalp in the back to get the hairs, leaving a long permanent scar. Neograft is a technologically advanced technique to suck out each individual hair in the back, one at a time, and then each hair is replanted at the top of the scalp. There are no scars and no evidence that you have had a procedure. Results are 100% natural.

Desert Hills Plastic Surgery was the first practice in Las Vegas and in Nevada using Neograft. What makes our practice unique for hair transplant is that a doctor and not a "hair tech" performs the entire procedure start to finish. Patients can rest assured that they are getting the best treatment possible and will be kept comfortable and safe during the procedure.

Who Can Benefit from Hair Transplant?

  • Women with diffuse hair thinning, a part that is widening, or a see through scalp.
  • Someone with a long forehead and high hairline who wants it lowered.
  • Men with genetic or acquired balding or thinning.
  • A person who has areas of hair loss from scars within or near the scalp.
  • A patient after facelift or browlift surgery where scars are noticeable or the hairline has shifted.
  • Women with eyebrow loss. Hair transplant works great for eyebrow restoration.
  • Women with traction alopecia-this means that braids, extensions, weaves or hair pieces have pulled on the hair and caused areas of permanent hair loss.

It is normal for men and women to feel embarrassed and ashamed of their hair loss, so it’s a topic that is not often discussed. 50% of men and women will be affected by hair loss at some point in their life. Most people have no idea that there is a surgical treatment. If this sounds like you, come in to see what your options are. We offer free consultations and you can set one up with Dr. Steve Brown online or by calling us at (702) 260-7707.

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