Breast Implant Removal with Lift

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Breast implant removal in Las Vegas is not uncommon, but once implants have been removed, it’s important to consider the appearance of your chest after the procedure. For many women, a breast lift combined with implant removal is an ideal combination of procedures to help achieve more desirable results.

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Improving Your Appearance with a Combination Procedure

The most obvious result women focus on when they undergo breast augmentation is often the mere size of the breasts. Though size is an important visual factor, implant removal can cause other changes to the chest area that are not necessarily desirable.

Many women notice that after breast implants are removed and the breast loses that extra volume, excess skin remains. This stretching of the skin can cause your chest to appear:

  • Droopy
  • Saggy
  • Deflated

Fortunately, our breast lift is an ideal procedure to help counteract the unwanted aesthetic effects of breast implant removal. Sometimes Dr. Brown may recommend an alternative procedure such as an implant removal with replacement depending on your specific goals.

Is a Breast Lift and Breast Implant Removal the Right Combination for Me?

There are a number of reasons why women choose to have breast implants removed, sometimes for aesthetic purposes and sometimes for more health motivated reasons. As a woman ages, her desires for large breasts may change. Older women can sometimes look heavier or matronly with large breasts. Smaller, lifted breasts can make a woman look fit and trim and encourages an active lifestyle. Some women simply don't want the potential obligation of having future surgery to remove and replace their implants. Others gain breast tissue over the years from hormone fluctuations and menopause and find that they don't really need their implant for size anymore.

Some women never liked their implants in the first place. Many women don't realize that breast implant removal with breast lift is an option, and that this surgery can create a beautifully shaped breast without an implant that ages well.

Generally a breast lift will be the best option if you are removing your implants because you:

  • Have health concerns
  • Want to look youthful, thinner, and pursue an active lifestyle
  • Want to continue to look great in clothes and swimsuits with or without wearing a bra
  • Have experienced a gain in breast tissue or sagging over the years
  • Simply no longer wish to have implants
  • Have back pain, neck pain, or bra strap grooving or discomfort from large implants

Alternatively, you might benefit from breast implant removal and replacement if you are removing your implants because:

  • You are uncomfortable with how your current implants feel
  • You are unhappy with the overall look of your current implants
  • You are not satisfied with the size or position of your implants

To find out which procedures will help you achieve the best results possible, contact Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center at (702) 260-7707 to schedule your consultation with our experienced Las Vegas breast implant surgeon.