How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Breast Implants?

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Breast implants aren’t lifetime medical devices. Eventually, most breast implants will need to be removed and replaced. Several different signs can indicate the need for this secondary surgery.

It’s important to know that the shell of a breast implant is not expected to last forever. A rupture can occur due to friction, wear and tear, and the effects of time. When a breast implant ruptures, the shell is compromised and the saline or silicone filling material will start to travel outside of the implant. Saline ruptures are obvious, but silicone ruptures may require special imaging. Fortunately, breast implant warranties often cover the costs associated with a rupture.

More often than not, women come back to our office because of cosmetic motivations. After all, your breast appearance won’t remain the same with every decade that passes. It’s normal to experience changes due to aging, weight fluctuations, gravity, pregnancy, and hormones. Your breasts might get smaller or saggier. Similarly, your aesthetic preferences may evolve over time. You might want a larger or smaller implant size than you did when you initially had surgery.

Cosmetic changes are usually the biggest driving motivation for breast implant replacement. If you’re satisfied with your results and there aren’t any signs of a rupture, you can keep your implants. There’s no reason to replace them just because a certain amount of time has passed.

Every breast augmentation patient should be aware of the possible need for implant removal and replacement. Always be prepared for the possibility of a second surgery and the associated costs. However, remember that implants can provide a satisfactory outcome for many years.

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