Brachioplasty Desert Hills

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Brachioplasty Desert Hills

As we age we notice a variety of changes to our face and figure. One area that particularly women, and some men, notice excess sagging in is the upper arms. This sagging of skin, fat and muscle in the upper arms may be exaggerated due to fluctuations in weight or by genetics. Through Brachioplasty surgery patients can achive a tighter, more toned upper arm appearance. The Brachioplasty Desert Hills procedure is performed through a horizontal incision along the under arm between the elbow and armpit. The incision made during a Brachioplasty Desert Hills procedure will leave a permanent scar that will fade over time but never go away completely. For most patients this scar is a worthwhile tradeoff for the more toned results achieved in a Brachioplasty Desert Hills procedure.

Ideal candidates for Brachioplasty Desert Hills are in good health, at a stable weight, with excess, sagging skin in the upper arms, non-smokers, and have realistic expectations for the procedure. Brachioplasty Desert Hills is sometimes performed in combination with Liposuction to remove excess, stubborn fat cells in addition to the excess, sagging skin. To learn more about Brachioplasty Desert Hills and find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown.

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